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Patternology® proprietary AI-Machine learning and Algorithms called PaternBrain™ are used to adapt your pricing model for the most profitable outcome. How? Our proprietary algorithms identify product segmentation to enhance your current pricing solution.

Patternology® solves the issue of overpriced or underpriced items when companies do not have a straightforward sell grouping process.

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Avoid Inconsistent Product Clustering

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Misaligned products within the same sell group are a problem that plagues manufacturers and distributors.

When they’re not, you’ll end up with overpriced or underpriced items and no clear sell grouping process.


  • Demand/Margin Patterns
  • Pricing Characteristics
  • Product Clustering
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Data analysis of a significant number of B2B distributors reflects as much as 80% of sell groups have products with a selling margin dispersion of as much as 20%.

This stops you from realizing your total profit potential from your existing matrix pricing solution.

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If you would like us to perform an analysis to determine the actual margin spread across your products within a sell group, please click on the button to learn more and submit the your data.

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Enhance Product Sell Groups to Boost Profitability

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Patternology™ proprietary AI-Machine learning and Algorithms re PatternBrain™ are used to predict product sell group segmentation.

What is Patternology?

A significant issue impacting distributors and manufacturers’ pricing solutions can be attributed to misaligned products within the same product category or sell group. This misalignment negatively impacts profitability and customer confidence.

We use the two techniques here to solve those problems: Clustering by Product Group Sales Profile and Clustering by Sales Profile.

Clustering by Product Group Sales Profile

Clustering by Sales Profile-Different products have different margin demand patterns—for example, sales patterns for proprietary products & non-stock exhibit different characteristics.

The Patternology.ai platform helps you cluster products with similar demands for better sell group accuracy.

Clustering by Sales Profile

You can group customer profiles based on their type, size, and location- region- territory. Use Patternology to:

Increase customer Market Basket
Visualize historical sales patterns and profiles
Identify obsolete or zero-inflated items
Create better sub-clustering
Key account profile/specific pricing
Spot data issues and gain and share insights from product sales patterns.

Patternology ai identify product segmentation to enhance your current pricing solution.

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